The Little People


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By Pamela Moncrieffe

ISBN: 978-1-84991-784-1
Published: 2012
Pages: 40
Key Themes: Mental Health, Manic Depression, Play, Script


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About the Author

Pamela was born in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, in the year 1948, in the month of July.

Pamela had a semi free spirited childhood grown up part time with her birth mother, and part time w with her grand parent who was more than well to do in today’s society, and very churchified her grandfather was a Deacon for the church of God in Christ, and her grandmother was the secretary for the church and all together a staunch Christian.

Pamela went to a very strict school in her early years, was very well behaved and did moderately well educationally. Pamela came to England at a very young age to join her parental parent, and took up studies as soon as she arrived in England, she was quite musical but did not do well enough to use music as a stable income.

Pamela love writing and a part from writing books Pamela also write songs but through shyness she was unable to use her song writing talents. Pamela decided to train to become a state enrolled nurse, she could not settle enough to further her training to become a state registered nurse. Pamela found nursing too confine, and found employment in the office as an accounts clerk.

Just working in the office was not enough for Pamela she took up studying again and gained several certificates such as a diploma in health and community care, and a degree in health and social care. Pamela suffers from manic depression but she do not allow it to interfere with her writing, or her expression in what, and how she feels about society

Book Extract

Act 1 Scene 5

Anne is tentatively driving along the road with a male instructor beside her. She sees Teddy driving in the opposite direction. She waves, the car swerves and the instructor has to grab the steering wheel to steady the car. Eventually the instructor drops Anne off at her house. She lets herself in and hears Teddy angrily shouting down the phone.

I specifically stated I wanted a female instructor… As far as I know he didn’t do anything wrong, that’s not the point… You are an incompetent organisation and I’ll take my business elsewhere.

He slams down the phone and turns around and sees Anne.

What were you thinking of going out with him? After all the trouble I went to.

Teddy starts to cry. Anne rushes over to comfort him.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, the driving lessons. Maybe we should just forget it.

Oh, if you think so. But …

The phone rings, Teddy speaks for a little while then hands the phone to Anne without a word.

Yes, speaking… My father… When?… I’ll come over later, bye!

She puts down the phone and turns to Teddy.

My father died this afternoon in his sleep.

Teddy nods and puts his arms around her.

I’m all you’ve got now, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.


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