The Katherine Wheel


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By Katherine Quilty

ISBN: 978-1-84991-879-4
Published: 2011
Pages: 142
Key Themes: mental health, autobiography, depression


Katherine Quiltys autobiography The Katherine Wheel is an open and honest account of her life to date. At times very touching, poignant and disturbing. No stone is left unturned as Katherine writes about her ongoing battles with severe depression, bulimia, abuse, binge drinking, addiction and self harm to name but a few. The book aims to inspire the reader as well as promote the concept that recovery is an achievable reality for all.

About the Author

Katherine Quilty lives in South London. Katherine was first diagnosed with depression aged 17, eventually ending up with the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, and wrote this book as an aid to her ongoing recovery.
Graduating from University in 2001, Katherine has spent a large part of her working life in the public services.
Personal interests include challenging the stigma and negativity surrounding mental illness.


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