The Journey


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By Paula Cable

ISBN: 9781849913683
Published: 2010
Pages: 66
Key Themes: mental health, post natal depression, family, relationships


The Journey was written by a family struggling to cope as their eldest son made the move from primary to secondary school. It describes how the transition process was by no means a smooth one due to added complications in life. Read how he copes with everything and see the impact it all has on his family.

Writing this book was very therapeutic for all involved. What spurred us on to complete it was the hope that we could provide much needed ideas and support for other families, experiencing traumas with their children.

At the start of writing we all wondered how we would ever get through this period of our lives. We are living proof that with determination and commitment you can survive anything. Hopefully by reading this, you too can see that it is possible to get through your troubles.

About the Author

There are four authors of this book, each one offering their own important perspective of a very traumatic time.

Mum met Dad and enjoyed ten years together prior to getting married in 1997. Shortly after this they began their family. Following the birth of both Dan and Tom, Mum experienced major episodes of post natal depression, beginning her very close relationship with mental health. It is through her own personal encounters with mental illness that Mum has realised the importance of sharing these experiences, good and bad, with others. It is only by doing this that peoples awareness of the subject can be improved.

Like any other family they enjoy many activities, together and independently including, cubs, scouts, after school clubs, sports, friends, family, holidays and much more.

They are a very close family who have learnt the importance of being there for each other!


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