The Insect Makers.


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ByPeter Plant & Illustrated By Phil Worth

ISBN: 9781783823253

Pages: 78
Key Themes: children


Under the guidance of the master insect maker, follow Ruby’s adventures in helping to create a new world that had been ravaged by a terrible ice-age. Along with many other makers they set about creating a world that will be full of the living breathing fauna and flora that we see all around us today. Meet the fish and bird makers, the frog and toad maker and many more makers with specific projects to carry out. It is a fun book with educational qualities. Why not join Ruby and lose yourself in a time long ago where fantasy and creativity along with mystical beauty fills the pages. Beautifully illustrated throughout.

And join Ruby in her quest to find her true mother,

About the Author

Pete was born in Birmingham in 1951. He did very well at school at infant and junior level then was unfortunate enough to attend an all boy’s school run by a brutal Headmaster who had been an ex Borstal Governor. Pete gradually withdrew into himself and his education suffered. He eventually left school without taking any exams. For many years’ he became an anti- educationalist.
A Carpenter by trade he gradually lifted his stance against education and having taken the appropriate exams required to become an instructor he spent the last ten years of his working life teaching construction at an upper school near Leicester.
Largely self-taught he developed a passion for reading, particularly poetry, and became a member of the Leicester Poetry Society. This children’s book was inspired by his four Grandchildren. The Insect Makers is his first venture into the world of children’s books.


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