The Inner Darkness


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My Own True Story

By Gladys Medcroft

ISBN: 978-1-78382-234-8
Published: 2015
Pages: 50

About the Author

If you saw Gladys going about her daily business you would not look twice.
Just another housewife, a mother, one who gets on with the chores of life.
It is not everyone though who has enough courage to tell of deeply personal trials and tragedies. Not a story told to seek praise, but in the hope that it may help others to understand.
This book only touches on her dedication to helping others. She is a true friend to those she continues to visit in hospital or call on at home in their time of need. She makes no mention of the years she has devoted to The Southmead User Network. Hers is not a passive role, she has always pushed to make life better for others.
Whether a major event, or a weekly or monthly meeting, Gladys is always to be found at the forefront of the action.


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