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By Adnandus Dyzantae

ISBN: 9781847477323
Published: 2008
Pages: 196
Key Themes: autobiography, abuse, bullying, schizophrenia, family support, recovery


This book is a memoir in which I have grappled with everything from mental illness to romantic frustration, from mysticism to homelessness. Thought is out of my minds league, asides that which can come into being through my pen. I hope to have encapsulated something new with a stroke of something ancient. I cannot remember a time when I had the mental concentration to read without being suspended in an imprisoning haze, a dungeons embrace. I would love to tell you in detail what my book is about, but I am afraid I can not, as I havent read it. – Adnandus Dyzantae

About the Author

Adnandus Dyzantae is 31. He lives in Hampstead with his mother and sister. He has read only one book in his life and flicks through prefaces, due to an absence of concentration. He spent 8 years alone in the wilderness of mental illness before being diagnosed by a psychiatrist at 24. Adnandus hopes medication and CBT will help him in his quest to gain some degree of formal education so he can continue his passion for writing. Reading still produces feelings of negative absorption within him, causing acute psychological discomfort. Yet he is written prolifically some 300 poems since dropping out of school at 17. This is his first book in prose. Adnandus writes from brain to paper without returning to change a single word of his work…probably because it would involve reading! He also composes music and lyrics. None of his work has been publicly seen before.

2 reviews for THE ILL LITERATE

  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    An autobiographical story touching on many themes and issues such as bullying and schizophrenia – an interesting read

  2. Peter Nixon Playwrite (verified owner)

    “The Author, Adnandus Dyzantae descended into the black hole of mental illness when he was only
    15 years old. Today, at 31, he has described this terrifying experience in a work of extraordinary
    power and impact. This is despite the fact that his condition makes it almost impossible for him to
    read the words he has written”.

    Peter Nixon

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