The Idiot


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I Was A Lunatic From A Geordie Grangetown
By David Poulter

ISBN: 9781849912105
Published: 2010
Pages: 117
Key Themes: humanity, mental health, fiction


This world that you inhabit is really only your own mind. That is where you truly reside. And everyday you make decisions that affect your life. I give you an account of mine. This strange and thought provoking story is about a man who experiences a traumatic event in his childhood and then later develops a severe mental disorder in his thirties. His experiences and delusions lead him to think that he may have discovered a great secret that concerns all of humanity. Is he sane? And is the world crazy? Here is a conundrum that you can decide for yourselves.

About the Author

David Poulter was born in Sunderland on the 18 February 1965. He attended local schools in the Tyne and Wear area and chose to study art at Sunderland Polytechnic and then Leeds University where he gained a degree in Fine Art.
He has lived in various parts of England and Ireland but now currently resides in Taiwan. He has worked as an art teacher and freelance artist but now teaches English. He still practices art.


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