The Grudge


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By Emily Skye
Illustrated by Simon Wharne

ISBN: 978-1-78382-275-1
Published: 2016
Pages: 18
Key Themes: Mental Health, Illustration, Abuse, Trauma, Recovery


“The Grudge is a really accessible way of helping us understand what we live with when we have experienced abuse or other kinds of trauma. With its enchanting illustrations and rhyming story, it takes us through the journey of understanding, challenging and moving on from the legacy of a difficult past. By making visible what we, as survivors, might see as the damaged or damaging part of us, the Grudge helps us to name our pain and difficulties. The Grudge is a great way to approach the path to recovery.” The Survivors Collective (Run by survivors of childhood sexual abuse for survivors).

“Beautifully illustrated throughout, The Grudge comes along and it seems it’s here to stay. The story reveals its powerful disapproving influence. Then, The Grudge begins to change… This is a potent story poem about recovery from trauma, letting go and moving on. The author captures the essence of a pervading negative force and shows how an alternative journey is possible. In my work with children, young people and adults, I have long been a fan of the healing power of literary writings and this will be a much needed resource to my therapeutic work.” Pete Brown, Systemic Family Therapist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

“The Grudge is a powerful exploration of how we can feel when we have been hurt or abused. It offers hope for recovery. I am moved every time I read it. Emily Skye, author, and Simon Wharne, illustrator, combine their years of personal and professional experience to create this succinct therapeutic story. It will benefit people who are survivors of childhood abuse or dealing with difficult feelings, and allies who want to help, including friends, family and mental health professionals.” Sara Meddings, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

About the Author

Emily Skye, MA, trained as a Gestalt and Integrative Child Psychotherapist. She had twenty years of practice experience in health and social care, before turning her attention to writing, teaching and arts activism in the field of mental health.

About the Illustrator

Simon Wharne, PhD, manager and researcher in community mental health care, currently studying for a DCPsych in Counselling Psychology. Twenty six years of practice experience in health and social care. Has published on assertive outreach services and employs an existentially informed hermeneutic phenomenological research approach.


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