The Flight of Icarus


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By Nigel Pearce

ISBN: 978-1-78382-277-5
Published: 2016
Pages: 170
Key Themes: Mental Health, Memoir, Prose-Fiction, Poetry


The Flight of Icarus is an attempt to create thematic continuity within a generic division into memoir, prose-fiction and poetry. However, as is the tendency with memoir in the postmodern epoch it is fragmented.
People often suggest that the future of biography lies in a radical change
of form, in the development of fractured or post-modern narrative
models. But this has been going on for quite a time.
Cline and Angier 2014 Life Writing: A Writers and Readers Companion. p. 118.
Having said that all the material of whatever genre has a material base in lived experience, but it is also the work of a creative mind. Therefore, it is for the reader to engage. For as Jean-Paul Sartre argued in What is Literature
The dialectic is nowhere more apparent than in the
art of writing for the literary object is a peculiar top
this exists only in movement. To make it come
into view a concrete act called reading is necessary,
and it lasts only as this act lasts. Beyond that, there are
only black marks on paper.
– Sartre 2010 What is Literature, p. 29


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