The European Football Championships 2020


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By Tim Price

ISBN: 978-1-84991-749-0
Published: 2021
Pages: 37
Key Themes: Mental Health, Depression, Asperger Syndrome, Self Help


The European Championships 2020, played in 2021.

This was England’s most successful football tournament since 1966. We didn’t win but we came very close to it.

I have always loved football and I have seen many football matches over the years live at Manchester United, Crewe Alex, and Sandbach United.

I have enjoyed the euros 2020 tournament and I thought I would write a book about it.

The book, in addition is my love of football it also covers the history of the tournament of the euros since 1960, when it began, my favourite players, English and European my favourite teams, my favourite matches and also my favourite memories.

I have covered the results and my added my comments especially the England games.

With dads help I have compared the current team with the World Cup winning team of 1966.some players are remarkably similar.

The managers Sir Alf Ramsey and Gareth Southgate are also compared I have commented on the final, noting that England struggle with penalty shoot outs. Italy where the best team on the day it was good to see fans back in stadiums.

I have listed a few England football players and also expressed my opinion that the future is bright for the team.

About the Author

I was affected by lack of Oxygen when I was born and was first diagnosed with a mental health problem in 1990 it was called Depression which people can develop several different kinds of Mental health needs issues or problems they may need the experience of medical staff in hospitals like the Priory, Leighton, or Macclesfield.
I later discovered that I had Asperger’s Syndrome.
I received help from staff with experience of mental health issues.
Recovery took a long time with help from hospitals, carers from the Mental Health Unit, my friends and family.
Am normally a positive, happy person and I join in activities whenever I can.


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