The Dot Comparable


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By A. Sole

ISBN: 978-1-84991-133-7
Published: 2010
Pages: 410
Key Themes: prose, poetry, spirituality


A.Sole was born in a crossfire hurricane on the seventh of January 1978. But it’s alright now in fact it’s a gas. He is responsible for many great works of fiction having ghost written Hamlet, The Odyssey and Wilbur’s guide to midget porn. He’s won awards for his looks such as the Nobel prize for sexiest eyes. He’s travelled the galaxy with the use of his Orgazmatron. He studied sculpture at St Martin’s college that’s where I caught his eye. He said he wanted to live like common people so he moved to Riddings and bought himself a track suit which he wore under his socks. He is a poet so talented that the Booker prize automatically goes to him every year. He’s dated Angelina Jolie behind Brad’s back. He’s travelled to India and was worshipped like a Godddddd!!!!! In India he wrote the Bible and completed the Times crossword. He smokes, he cheated on Countdown. He drinks and he’s never around when it’s his round. He was the other gun man on the grassy knoll.

The dot comparable is my attempt at an epic prose poem. It’s set on another planet that resembles our own. The story follows Luke, a sort of cyber punk, as he travels across the planet in search of adventure. Luke lives in Singalnd with his flat mate Han. Han’s a drug dealer, Luke’s a drug taker. The adventure starts when he decides to go to Cameria to visit his mother. The Tale starts in a nightclub where Luke sees the strange vision of a black man brushing his teeth on the dance floor. Who is this black man? Is he real? Or is Luke losing it? The story itself is quite fast paced except for the second Canto which is a hallucinogenic day at the office. Always remember with this piece is that it is a poem and hidden depth should always be looked for. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Peas x

About the Author

A. Sole was born on a cold winter’s night. The Moon burned blood red in the sky. Crucifixes melted on their stands and around peoples necks. All around Berlin, choirs of jealous Angels screamed in horror at what was taking place that night ha ha ha ha!!! He was born for one purpose to write, to compose. He has left no stone unturned and left no curse unspoken. He has wandered this dark and debris scattered island for many years now; thirty one to be exact. He has been sectioned many many times for the madness of the voices will not let him go. He has been to and left university shouting teacher, leave them kids alone! He has seen things you people wouldn’t believe; ghosts and the spirits of wolves. He loves in his dark, dark ways, cheese toasties with ham on them ooooh! He believes the Holy Spirit is Jack Daniels and the risen sun is there awaiting him in the morning and he believes that he is god, but then aren’t we all

Book Extract

Lights, music, camera, action. Action as the clubbers and the holographic dancers do their thing on the floor. Cameras flash about as the people make ready for their lack of memory of the night before. Music, of the latest fashion, fills the air, fills the ears and moves the bodies of all those clubbers tonight. Lights, of every colour prowl the floor, prowl the ceilings and prowl the walls. This is the C.D and E club. This is where Luke hangs out and lets loose every Fryday in his home town.

‘Take one,’ said Luke, the white boy of the blue hair, who was wearing all the latest in fashions that were on the scene. His black jeans, by Leviticus, were covered with the stars of the silver screen. His shirt, by Ralf Lowrent turned from silver to blue to red and then to green. Luke’s shoes, by Nikos, were grey until in the light, then they have a silver sheen. To finish the outfit off, in Luke’s eyes, were Digital contact lenses (Digi-cons for short), with silver smiley faces that span round, smiled and frowned. ‘Leia take one!’ shouted Luke over the music.

‘Take what Luke?’ asked Leia the white girl of the black hair, who wore a scarlet dress made by John Paul. Her Digi-cons, however, had blue flames that flickered away covering the whole of her eyes.

‘A Spiff, a single skin Spliff.’ replied Luke as he held out a tin full of them.
‘No, no way.’
‘Why, they’re scentless?’
‘Don’t you mean senseless.’
‘Oh right.’
‘Yes I quit them, when we quit each other,’ said Leia when she pulled a cigarette out of her matching scarlet handbag. ‘Or should I say when you quit me.’

‘I see.’
‘Oh listen Luke, I didn’t’t mean to be so curt, okay? But now listen. I need, I need to talk to you.’
‘About?’ asked Luke as he lit a small Spliff for himself.
‘Well listen, I just want to say that I believe, in fact I know, you won’t go anywhere,’ said Leia, then she paused and inhaled the smoke from her cigarette, ‘Now you won’t go anywhere because really there’s nowhere to go. I mean you might meet other people, somewhere else, y’know out there, but you’ll never know anyone. Luke, listen, there’s honestly no one out there, no one at all, just people. Just faces and bodies doing what they do, wandering from work to home, and back again. Do you know what I mean?’
‘I don’t know. Is this poetry or something?’ asked Luke as he felt himself drifting all over the place. One minute he was with Leia, the next he was with the music.

‘No Luke, what I’m trying to say is that everything is here for you. Everything you’ll ever need is right here in this town. I hope you know that, cos if you don’t you could get lost out there.’
‘Erm what, sorry, out where?’ asked Luke as he looked her straight in the flames, ‘Sweetie what are you goin’ on about?’
‘Oh Luke, I know that you’re going, I can tell, I can see it. I can see it in your eyes, your stance, your everything. It’s my female intuition is calling out to you, okay?’

‘Wow that’s an amazing female ammunition you’ve got there.’
‘Luke I’m serious, if you go to the U.S.C you could lose everyone here.’
‘Wow, now, that’s an amazing bit of intuition. You should have your own show with a gift like that. I mean, knowing I’m thinking of leaving is one thing, knowing where I’m going is another. So tell me, was it this foot pointing that way a bit that told you where I was going? Or was it…’
‘Let’s just say that I have some important contacts in the travel industry.’
‘A-ha like Willow from the travel agents hey Miss Intuition?’
‘Yes okay…’ said Leia as she indignantly crushed her cigarette on the floor.
‘Well, hell, I knew I should have bribed her for secrecy. I could have as well, I know someone she slept with when she was dating a certain someone else, but I guess I’m just not that kind of a guy.’
‘Oh Luke, why were you checking for open returns to Cameria?’
‘Because my mum’s, well my mum’s out there, and well my brother’s out there too.’

‘But why the open return?’
‘Because I wanna look around, be adventurous, have fun and shit like that.’
‘You’ll lose everything.’
‘I ain’t got that much to lose. I mean my job sucks, I’m doing too many drugs, I…’
‘I’m here; your friends are here, erm…’
‘Well I’ll be back, everyone will still be here.’
‘Never in the same way again. Mark my words.’
‘Well believe it or not sometimes different is good. Now listen, I’ve taken an E, I’m coming up. I’m going to dance. I will see you in a bit.’
‘Fine.’ said Leia angrily but in her heart she was as sad as she could be, ‘Well that didn’t go to plan,’ she thought to herself as she wiped a single tear from her eye.

‘I guess I’m gonna dance then,’ thought Luke as he tried to escape the feelings Leia had opened. He danced angrily, until all of a sudden the music caught up with him and then he became wrapped up in that, ‘Aah man that’s better. Yeah, music just opens me up and lets me heal and feel unreal, like an orange that’s just been peeled.’


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