The Diary Of A Paranoid Schizophrenic


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By Tom Chrysostomou

ISBN: 978-1-84747-329-5
Published: 2007
Pages: 100
Key Themes: poetry, paranoid schizophrenia, psychosis, language, recovery


Chrysostomou is a new poet of great talent. His voice is strong and this is what enables his gentle words to wind their ways into your ears. The mundane and the imaginary become fused. Each poem makes you want to read the next and swiftly a new world and a new language are born.

About the Author

This is a collection of I don’t know what to really call it, thoughts, ideas, writings –
basically clips from my life
Things I have wanted
Things I have received
As to why I would share this I don’t really know
Maybe I was lonely as what I should suppose you could call a God
(I am of the opinion when all get I get as well sooner or later)

Dear Alex Collier I believe I was a boxed soul, a new world, a planet, I hope I am Jupiter, the new sun and I hate that dog for hiding my creations Remember, I am a young God – they are part of me – my creations.

Book Extract

Make fantasy and fiction fact in
Your life

Daydream (fantasy life)
Do it every day

Where do baby TVs and radios
Etcetera come from
Mother and father
TV and radio etcetera
Of course

Next plateau
They said in song it’s either Mexico
Or Greenland I say makes it
Here where we are, as well as Mexico Greenland

It’s recorded on us and
Everyone what they are

We need a rule without ruining sorcery, which craft, which doctor,
druidism, wizardry, shamanism
I guess stay in the middle
That’s usually the answer
It doesn’t mean people are bad
Just because I believe they are bad,
Control my beliefs
We need real – not belief

Move fast
Time slows down
Move slow
Time speeds up
Use your time as you want
Make an hour at lunch
Two hours by moving twice as fast

Spirits have no sexual organs and mate by telepathy (sex between minds)
These children just appear in your spirit (don’t get born like physicals)
Be careful what you think
Because the children are what you think (say)
I thought they rule over the space age and my children are the Borg in Star Trek
I mated with a telepathic grey alien in a café (see film Star Trek First Contact)

My mother told me when I was young

The past is history
The future is a mystery
This moment is a gift
That’s why it’s called the present



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