The Devils Cube


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The Creative Mind of A Schizophrenic

By Mike Newlyn

ISBN: 978-1-78382-131-0
Published: 2014
Pages: 56
Key Themes: Mental Health, Short Stories, Schizophrenia


My third book the Devils Cube is a follow on to my first short stories book The master of the cube. The book consists of 4 stories and a very hard hitting diary entry from 1978 written by my late father telling the story of what happened when I was little and how we ended up living together. How my dad became a single parent. The four stories are fiction.

About the Author

Mike Newlyn is a Schizophrenic artist and musician and has suffered metal health issues for 23 years. Mike has had mental illness run in his family as his dad was also Schizophrenic. He has seen much of his family die form a heredity illness known as Huntingtons Disease which his dad and Gran had also. There is no cure to this devastating illness, and Mike was at a 50/50 risk of getting the illness but tested negative. Most of Mikes Schizophrenia was caused by a traumatic childhood, due to abuse and bullying and also taking after his Schizophrenic Dad. Mike has been in the CMHT system for 23 years.


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