The Devil’s Birthday


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By John Hardie

ISBN: 978-1-84747-605-0
Published: 2008
Pages: 176
Key Themes: fiction, three short stories, horror, belief, psychosis


Everyone has a birthday including the Devil himself. This is three tales about his minions of Hell organising and executing a birthday treat for their ruler. Blood! Gore! And mayhem is unleashed upon some helpless victims as they go from committing crime to being lured into a slaughter. They can fight but no one survives the Devil’s birthday!

The devil’s birthday is three short stories following the minions of Hell as they organise birthday treats for their ruler. Murder! Blood! Gore and mayhem are unleashed on the helpless victims as they go from crime into an evil world of torture and terror until their souls are forever gone to the Devil.

About the Author

In April of 2005 John Hardie had a car accident and was arrested for assault. Soon after he was diagnosed with having a psychotic episode and now takes daily medication for psychosis. Whilst deep into his psychosis he started to write and use ideas from his thoughts. And after a while got in touch with Chipmunka publishing that took him on board as a writer. This is his first book, it is a collection of stories, and he hopes to produce novels. He currently lives in Northamptonshire.

Book Extract

In a land that is in another world to our own, a dimension that is a common myth known to
everyone, a place so evil no one can imagine what punishment the souls endure when sent
there. This Place has a name and the name is Hell. Hell is ruled by a man known to all as the
Devil, Lucifer or Satan and his name alone can strike fear into even the bravest of soldiers.

Even evil has its place in the world. From the dawn of time it is the one word used to describe
all things wrong, without morals and pity.

Only one man be responsible for this word, the Devil, who sits on a thrown of skulls, with a
crown of fire soaking his feet in the rivers of blood was either given it from the highest of all
powers or stole it without mercy.

But even evil was born once either by woman or seed and celebrates as humanly as you or

This is the story of the Devils birthday.


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