The Detailed and Complete Guide for Depression


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By NGWA Bertrand N

ISBN: 978-1-78382-115-0
Published: 2014
Pages: 98
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Depression, Self Help, Recovery


What ever God wants let it be according to his will. If this is what he has given to me, then I live with it. I have tried to say no, but if he insists then I have no option but to accept it with all my heart. This is a complete five year story to overcome depression. By this all depression is completely eradicated.

May this work go a long way to bless anyone who reads it, even when I am gone. Let the burdens of humanity be reduced, be taken away by this work as the LORD WISHES. May they live to remember that the LORD remembers them always and has come at this moment to uplift their burden.

NGWA Bertrand N.


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