The collected poems of Phil Hill 2000 to 2019


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By P.M Hill

ISBN: 9781783826398
Published: 2022
Pages: 116
Key Themes: relationships


COMPLETE POEMS 2000-2019 This book represents three phases of the development of the author. as a writer. Much of the early poetry is very intense and represents a personal perspective on some of the emotional crises experienced by him whilst writing an academic thesis between 1998 and 2004. There is then a lapse in his output till around 2016. His writing then reflects on the theme of of loss and bereavement as a result of multiple bereavements losing his foster mother, foster father and his late wife Geraldine between 2011 and 2016. He starts by reflecting on his childhood as he begins to find his voice as poet. Towards the end of this complete poems collection his poetic

About the Author

Philip Hill is a writer schooled in academic writing before resorting to composition of poetry around the turn of the millennium to cope with emotional crises whilst writing an academic thesis. There was a lapse of a number of years before he started writing again to cope with the breakdown of his first relationship in 2014 after his wife had died in 2011. The themes of early writing are about reflection on rejection and much of his early work particularly in the wilderness years is about coping with his feelings and using poetry as a therapeutic tool. The discipline of writing has helped and enabled his emotional development. PHILIP was brought up on the east side of Birmingham and had a traumatic childhood that stalled his social, psychological and emotional development whilst he thrived academically. He received therapy and is said to have become age appropriate towards the end of this intervention in 2004 when he was 36 years old. PHILIP moved to leamington spa in 2018 which has spurred on his writing and is now an established local poet in the coventry Warwickshire area winning performance poet of the month in December 2021.


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