The Chrysalis Time


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By Matthew Woods

ISBN: 9781847477118
Published: 2008
Pages: 155
Key Themes: child abuse, dormant anxiety, family, fiction, novel,


Told during the dark ages the book takes the viewpoint from an ivory tower of secrets surrounding child abuse and the ramifications on those concerned. It is a love story of Christianity, renewal and the triumph of the girl Ele hail who emerges from the chrysalis.

About the Author

Matthew Woods has recently achieved a degree in Aeronautics previous to which Matthew followed the established pattern of establishment drop out. He has met some inspirational characters throughout his life and this novel is inspired by two of them, his partner and daughter. He hopes that therapy can lead to a more structured and less anxious point of view and for him to be able to resume his career and continue writing. He says One of the most challenging aspects to making something with your life is understanding yourself for God and those around you.


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