The Appeal of the Spirit of Heavenly Love


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By Ann Green

ISBN: 978-1-78382-323-9
Published: 2016
Pages: 128
Key Themes: Mental Health, abuse, Survival


This is a true life illustration in recollections, emails, letters and journal entries of an unusual mental experience. It depicts how invitation, story telling, metaphor, presence, genuineness and a willingness to act in the moment can heal a troubled soul. It also shows how sometimes what may appear as mental illness can actually be a path to freedom and mental wellness; a rapid recovery. It attempts to put meaning and context behind “out of character” behaviour and show how people around may react to this.

It also describes an experience of being sectioned and staying on a psychiatric ward and includes photos of artwork depicting the process of the entire experience.

About the Author

Since my early twenties I lived with depression during a long standing illness of my dad. Following his death and my divorce I undertook a counselling course which involved psychodynamic therapy with an experienced therapist. I found angel cards and alternative therapies to be very useful and meaningful to me. I later took a job working in mental health and met someone by chance who I think of as a “twin flame.” Our meeting ignited a chain of events which culminated in an extreme spiritual experience for which I was sectioned.


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