Terra Firma


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ISBN: 9781847476586
Published: 2008
Pages: 148
Key Themes: science-fiction, fantasy, break down, recovery, hope


Derix Rall is an amnesiac who finds himself held with a group of fellow amnesiacs in a mysterious facility on a small moon at the edge of the galaxy. His escape and subsequent adventures along with the shifting kaleidoscope of perspectives he is subject to, lead him to doubt everything, including himself and the very ground of his reality.

The ultimate nature of reality is a question that has puzzled philosophers for two and a half thousand years. It is an area that Philip K Dick and many other sci-fi authors have explored to great effect. Its also an area in which, I think, the best stories are set, do you remember The Prisoner series back in the sixties? Come with our hero on a journey that will expand your mind and have you questioning everything, even your own undeniable self.

About the Author

A breakdown at the age of twenty one while working for the GPO, no connection, has sent him into a spin that he has never truly recovered from. In the process of putting his ramshackle personality back together, with the aid of self-help books and the most outlandish bunch of beliefs this side of the andromeda galaxy, and counting, he has generated this book. The truth is no longer out there. Its snuck up behind you and is biting you on the ass. Are you ready to turn around and face it?


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