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ISBN: 978-1-783825660
Published: 2020
Pages: 124
Key Themes: grief,


This collection mainly addresses loss and death from the point of view of someone who delights in the life, magic and serendipity of the human condition. It casts light on shadows and provides shade when the glare of that light is too hot or too bright. It nurtures curiosity in the reader in searching for and finding ways of dealing with life’s contradictions. It communicates acceptance and affirmation of all things, the light and the dark, the easy and the difficult, the trivial and the profound. Each poem is self-contained. Each poem speaks only for itself.

Caroline’s poetry solicits all the senses – sound, sight, touch, taste and smell – which transport the reader through every poem. I love the way she plays with language: with assonance, alliteration and cliché, delving deep into the microscopic minutiae of life one moment, then suddenly twisting and diving out into the open wastes of sea and space, searching for answers in both the grains of sand at her feet and among the stars.
Alexandra Gregori Author of Songs on the Wind

About the Author

Carrie is a mystically-minded humanist, agnostic in relation to ultimate things, and passionately concerned in relation to her fellow human beings. As these poems illustrate, she is preoccupied by life’s contradictions and the search for meaning. She finds it in being privileged as a family psychotherapist to help people with their personal and interpersonal life issues.


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