Take The Mental Out Of Mental Health


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Tackling the Burning Issues of Mental Health
By David Stocks

ISBN: 978-1-84747-517-6
Published: 2008
Pages: 118
Key Themes: a poetic opera!


This is a book of poetry burning with emotional intensity. It tackles difficult and taboo subjects with open honesty, unafraid to lay down in words what others may only think. It is a wakeup call for mental health treatment, which in some cases is still lost in the dark ages and is greatly under resourced.

The authors experiences are made tangible in words full of imagery that drip off the page, oozing with realism that transports you into a world of pain, anger, anxiety, fear, love and beauty.

It takes the form of a poetic opera, split into seven different acts that cover the full spectrum of emotions, on a voyage from anger and despair, to hope.

It is both an inner journey, following the pathways of the mind and an escape from the pressures exerted on the brain. Flights of fancy take the reader far from the mundane world, to places where the spirit can run free on clouds of literary sorcery.

It imparts a message to all and brings home the unseen mental torture endured by many, but so often badly treated. It also sends out a message for those poor souls, one of hope and understanding that can carry them through the darkest times.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, this is a book that should be read. For mental health is a burning issue and remember there is no smoke without fire.

About the Author

David’s childhood days were spent immersed in books and in imaginary worlds of his own creation. He would secrete himself away and read for hours on end, unable to escape the fantastical world of the written word. He would write stories of his own, based on childhood adventures in Lowdham, Nottinghamshire. Trips down the stream that ran by his house became journeys of adventure into lost worlds, following it through darkened woodlands and haunted churchyards. He never shared these writings with anyone but his boyhood friends who went on these treks with him.

After leaving school he continued to write stories, but kept them to himself as his career in computing progressed. He made one exception, however, in that every Christmas in the spirit of M.R. James, he wrote a ghost story and recited it by the fireside.

At the peak of his profession as a computer consultant, then working at major international London banks, David had a breakdown. It was during the next six years of his life, now plagued by mental illness that David took to writing again. The result of this is David’s first groundbreaking book, ‘The Celtic Holy Grail Quest’.

Book Extract


Mental health isn’t some great disease,
It’s not contagious, we ain’t got flees.

“Look here he’s Mental man,
He’s hearing voices,
Put him in a van.”

Well that’s the best that folk can do,
It just shows, they haven’t a clue!

“I’ll tell you as it is,
We’re real people,
The best there is!”

Don’t lock us away, in isolation,
Makes us zombies, under sedation!

“Look deeply
And you will see,
Pure, inner beauty.”

A battered mind is not deranged,
It’s in need of care, not a cage!

“Join the ever growing crowd,
Who’s mental health,
Makes us proud!”


Someone’s lit the fuse,
The gunpowder is dry,
There’s a rebel in town
And his name is not guy.

The silent and downtrodden,
Have found their voice,
From the seeds of despair,
Sprouts a time of choice.

No longer the forgotten,
On tranquiliser dreams,
The emotionally scarred,
Are bursting at the seams.

The Mental Health revolution,
Born from neglect,
Is burning like fire,
And gaining respect.

The houses of power,
Are set to explode,
As the flames of despair,
Ignite their troubled load!




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