Take Command of Your Self-Esteem


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By Debbie Bills

ISBN: 9781849914444
Published: 2011
Pages: 78
Key Themes: self help, self esteem, depression, empowerment


What would it take for you to know that your self esteem was the best it could be? Good self esteem brings happiness to your life no matter what may be going on. In Take Command of Your Self-Esteem you will learn where your self esteem came from and it is your birthright to love and honor yourself.

There is absolutely no reason why people should suffer from low self esteem. Your self esteem is something which you have absolute and immediate control.
In this book you will learn the techniques to regain control of your self esteem and enjoy a health happy life. You will see improvement in all aspects of your life, which include better relationships with partners, family and friends. It shall equip you with good parenting skills, so that if there are children in your life they shall grow up with good self esteem.

You dont have to be born in the right family, be a certain weight or have money in the bank to have good self esteem. By the time you are though reading this book you will have all the tools you need to experience good healthy self esteem and lead a happy life and prosper no matter what may happen in the future.

About the Author

Debbie Bills was born in 1948 in Nebraska, USA. She had a number of personal experienced throughout her childhood that led her to gain a deep knowledge of self esteem and the effect it has on our confidence and empowerment as individuals. By reading, learning, and life experience, Debbie realized that we are each capable of enhancing our personal self esteem in order to grow to be more confident, successful people.


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