Sweet and Bitter Fool


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A Priests Journey Through Manic Depression
By Philip Clements

ISBN: 978-1-84747-102-4
Published: 2007
Pages: 123
Key Themes: Christianity, manic depression, bi-polar disorder, personal testimony, Anglican priest


This book is the description of an Anglican priests experience of manic depression. His illness is powerful and dehabilitating yet, through his faith and with a lot of determination, Philip avoids becoming overwhelmed and manages to live and achieve against all odds and expectations. In this book, Philip Clements adds his own personal testimony, a record which is also an account of aspects of his ministry as an Anglican priest and the effects of the illness on his work. This well written and uplifting account puts manic depression in a new light and reveals how the church deals with the mentally ill.

About the Author

Philip Clements was born in 1938 in Aldershot, Hampshire, he now lives near Sandwich, in Kent. Philip has devoted his life to his faith and following the completion of a degree in theology became an ordained Anglican priest. Now retired, Philip is a writer and broadcaster. He has had four books of poetry published and is currently writing his second novel. He regularly features on BBC Radio 4 and local BBC radio where he is involved in programming discussing spirituality and mental health. He is Chaplain of St. Barts Hospital in Sandwich and works tirelessly for local churches and charitable organisations.

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  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    an amazing story of someone who coped with manic depression and stood by their faith and that aided them and helped them to focus

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