Surviving Narcissistic Parenting


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By Stephen Broughton

ISBN: 978-1-84991-729-2
Published: 2012
Pages: 260
Key Themes: humour, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, abuse, recovery

Can someone be broken and yet whole at the same time? Is it possible to live in the light and at the same time suffer torment in the darkest pitch? Stephen Broughton proves that we can, that human endurance, intelligence and a natural God-given talent for empathising with others can set us free. The damaged child can own his pain, integrate it, live, learn and love. – Anni Meehan, Biodynamic Therapist

Unsparing yet never self-pitying, he recalls what went wrong and how he has set about rescuing himself. His account is absorbing, sometimes wryly funny, and wonderfully evocative. Inspiring, too the child he wanted to be was destroyed but Broughton was not. – Shaun Usher, broadcaster, writer & critic.


Very funny, very sad, very moving and very strange, this is the book of one mans journey of discovery seeing mental ill health as a gift, rather than a curse. In this book Stephen attempts to understand his own dreams and suicidal thoughts on the way to meeting the man he should have been, little dick. While it was his alter-ego BIG DICK who survived an upbringing with a narcisstic mother and a disinterested Father. An honest and endearing book on schizophrenia, this is a worthy addition to the new genre of mad literature.


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