Supersize Your Single Mom Life


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By Sunny Fungcap

ISBN: 978-1-84991-593-9
Published: 2013
Pages: 124
Key Themes: Single Parenting, Health, Well-being, Motivational, Life coaching


A Single Mom’s Guide To Living Her Dreams.

About the Author

Sunny Fungcap, born and mostly raised in New York, has been writing
self-help nonfiction, fiction, and lyrics for vocal artists collectively since
1994. Sunny is currently a Trainer and Former Teacher of Higher Ed / Post-secondary education, a Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Life Coach,
a Clinical Hypnotist, a Public Administrator and entrepreneur.

She has worked in the mental health arena as an administrator, workshop
facilitator, and organizational team builder for over fifteen years.

After receiving her Masters in public administration in nonprofit management
and educational studies, she promoted team building to foster the healthy
work place environment and strong workforces in organizations. To build skills
in the nonprofit sector and as an additive to general lifestyle improvement.

One of her most recent driving forces behind the promotion of Supersize Your
Single Mom Life is the impact on her own life as a divorced, single mom
entering into a new relationship, and working on multiple careers at the same
time. The strength and inspiration to endure derived from using universal
guiding principles outlined in this book. Sunny has been no stranger to the
stage. Her performances involved singing popular music, and speaking to live
audiences. Sunny currently lives in New York City.

Book Extract

At least once in her lifetime a single mother will hear the words: “You can’t do it, you’re a single mom” Or “Being a single mom, how would you find time or the money to do that?” Believe me, it is not the time a single mom lacks, it is the drive from within and the willingness to not accept what is often told by others who aren’t where they want to be yet. It is a way for those individuals to put you in a sealed box you can never get out of. If you insist on remaining in that box you will be shielding yourself from a world of opportunities. If you don’t take risks you won’t know if you will ever be able to accomplish anything outside that box. You will be doing exactly what negative individuals expect your role should be: a single mom…and nothing else.

What is it about the phrase “single mom” that it is considered somewhat taboo? Why is single motherhood often automatically followed by the phrase “she deserves what she got” or “she needs a way out of her situation” and single fatherhood is followed by “he’s doing a good thing” or “he is such a responsible person.” Is one a form of punishment and the other a courageous sacrifice? Neither, of course! At least it doesn‘t have to be. Children are gifts that benefit from us, as well as we them. It is how the single mom or dad perceives their situation that determines their reality. Our perceptions usually come from what we accept from the media. Are we completely convinced that television is our most reliable source of reference to single parenthood? Don’t live someone else’s idea of you. Later, we will discuss more about the effectiveness of our own perceptions on outcomes. Society however, has placed a stigma on single parents in general. The assumption is that in order for them to live their dreams, they must wait until children become old enough to fend for themselves. By this age, the parent is too tired and often ends up regretting that they didn’t grab opportunities when presented to them at that time. This is especially the case for most single mothers who raise their children either alone on a full time basis or part time. Women may typically be seen as the primary caregiver, though more recently single fathers have taken on an increasing role.

Understand that not all these claims apply to single parents in every corner of the country, but it is common to believe that life as a single parent can make you feel a little delayed in getting where you want to go in life. The worst part is not that you aren’t there, but that you have given up by accepting the generalization that single moms must sacrifice almost everything they desire or every dream to raise a child. Take it from me, if you sacrifice yourself, you won’t be any good to that child of yours.

If you are open to hearing more about ways to achieve your goals as a single parent, then let’s take a journey through myth-town shall we? Although many single parents move out of big cities since the cost of living is so high, New York City areas are swarming with independent single moms waiting or are already beating the odds. We can begin by tackling some of the myths that may keep the single mom stagnant.


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