Sundays In Miami


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By Joshua Udell

ISBN: 978-1-84991-912-8
Published: 2012
Pages: 93
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry


This is a unique collection of poems written are penned with inspiration, challenges, hope, struggles and heartache.

Poets have a different perspective of culture and the people in their communities. Writing poetry is an inspirational gasp of inspiration that is written out of the very heart of the poet.

Sundays in Miami is a title of a collection of poems in and throughout the years of Joshua C. Udell’s life. When thinking of a masterpiece sometimes it can take years and years for an artist to get the respect he or she deserves. These people were great way before their time and paved the road for many others who have followed in their paths at artists, poets, and on and on the story goes.

You will find Joshua C. Udell’s poems bleeding out his heart on each page of spilled ink on paper. It will enthrall you to ream more and more to see where the next poem will take you.

About the Author

Joshua Udell is a successful author, husband, and father. Joshua Udell received his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Literature from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri.

Joshua Udell was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 3rd 1979 and enjoys a good book, time with close friends and family time with his wife Lindsay and son Jesse.

Joshua Udell grew up learning about Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism and is a writer of mythology, poetry, prophecy and many other religious subjects.

Joshua Udell has traveled the world, lived in Saudi Arabia and has visited many countries including Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Bahrain, France, England, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Mexico. Joshua Udell currently resides with his family in Joplin, Missouri.

Book Extract

Summer Darkness

Hot hands clammy and moist
Touching the opposite sex
She wrinkles her forehead in disgust
Hot breath and dry lips
Kissing her on the mouth
He forces his tongue deep inside
Crying she wants to go home
He locks the car as he moves in closer
Putting his hands on her breasts
She is silent
Unbuttoned her dress and letting down her hair
She is a victim of a crime
Only sixteen she is no longer her own
Dirty and unwanted she walks in alone
Not letting go of what she feels
She is a victim, he is a criminal, and he is a dog
Left good for nothing
Dark stains, she died somewhere inside
No pure light only shattering agony


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