Sun Has Got His Hat On (The)


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By Lynne Garnham

ISBN: 978-1-84747-275-5
Published: 2007
Pages: 51
Key Themes: anxiety, phobia, self-help, recovery, counselling



Lynne writes of her book “I have written a self-help book on anxiety. It is just a small book with many self-help techniques to help the individual overcome the anxiety or phobia they are struggling with.

The book contains a lot of my own experiences and those of people I have helped over the years. In the book I try to normalise the anxiety state and to supply others with the many self-help techniques I have gathered over the years and used to help both clients and myself.”

About the Author

Lynne is a survivor of anxiety who now wants to share the ways in which she recovered with others so that she might be able to help them.

She is a qualified counsellor who has worked for the local Primary Care Trust in a Doctor’s surgery.

Book Extract

I am assuming that before you begin to read this book you have been to a Doctor and have been told that you are suffering from anxiety.

What exactly is anxiety? The Collins Concise Dictionary says that “Anxiety is a state of uneasiness or tension, caused by apprehension of possible misfortune, danger etc.”

We have all felt anxious at some point in our lives. It may have been when we were younger and were about to sit an examination at school, you may have had a churning tummy, perhaps you were wanting to rush to the toilet, or felt hot and shaky, dry mouth, blurred vision.
Finishing work at the end of a stressful day has caused many of us to feel the symptoms of anxiety. You may have felt tension across your neck and shoulders, felt restless and have an inability to sit still, or perhaps you were unable to concentrate on what your partner was saying, had a headache, or were just finding it hard to unwind and relax.

A common cause of anxiety for many has been the situation of going to the dentists. You may have felt sickly, a little dizzy, be shaky, feel light headed, difficulty in swallowing, a feeling of obstruction in the throat, dry mouth.

Taking an exam, having a stressful day at work, or planning a trip to the dentists, in all of theses situations our exposure to anxiety is only brief and when we leave the stressful situation behind us we start to relax and forget about it allowing our body to return to normal and we continue on with our lives.

In the situations listed above the symptoms we feel are the symptoms of anxiety and stress. If we do not worry about it and we understand it, the body will quickly put itself right.

There are some people who thrive on high stress level. I am thinking of those people who work on the stock market who deal with high levels of stress every day.

Indeed there are some of us who even go looking for a stressful situation such as bungie jumping, parachuting out of an aeroplane, or riding the fastest ride at the fun fair. To some people small amounts of anxiety can be exciting.

However, we are all individuals, with each of us having a personal level for anxiety, one in which we feel comfortable. If however our anxiety levels are boosted up for whatever reason to an above average level, we begin to feel the symptoms of anxiety and stress, when there is seemingly no reason to feel stressful.


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