Stupid Mind


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When Curse Becomes Blessing

By Som Gurung

ISBN: 978-1-78382-161-7
Published: 2015
Pages: 54
Key Themes: Poetry, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Depression, PTSD


It’s been almost 8 years since I first arrived here in the UK. I still remember vividly those early days in this country which I am now proud to call my second home. As a stupid boy with little education and knowledge of British culture, someone who was landed into alien world straight from having lived in and out of institutions for more than two years, I never thought I would be able to achieve anything great.

Suffering from mental health problems is not easy but I have learned that overcoming it is been possible through determination and courage. Although, I would have never been able to achieve it alone, certainly not without the support of those great people that I met during my suffering period who have helped me unconditionally. I couldn’t thank them enough for what they have done for me.

I share my struggles through this book through means of various stories/poems. I believe that this book can be an inspiration to many who are suffering from a similar kind of situation.

Stupid Mind reflects the period of my life when I was going through episodes of abnormality, often criticized by the people close to me hence the contents are at times disturbing and unsettling.

But it also reflects the brighter side of my illness, which is creative, and makes me the person that I am today. It has gifted me with new insights, courage, and faith and moreover has helped me find a new level of peace and tranquillity that would probably not be possible without the curse.

Book Extract


Gained more panic attacks from fantasies then real occurrences
Listening to your bullshit makes my hopes turn to despair
Nowadays I cringe and put fingers in my ear when you speak
And all the words you mumble I don’t care

But enemies are common teacher we should learn from them
They try to prolong my misery, profit from the situation
Seeking to turn my misfortune into their advantage
This, my friend is known as secondary gain

So here is what I really have to say!
If you are so prepared to hear me brace yourself
Before I do the more sensible thing
Part away and proceed in my own lane

About your complete utter false opinion
Here is what I do have to say?
“Thank you very much for having given voice to your opposition”
And giving me this opportunity to listen”
“I am aware this is what you wanted to hear
I hope I made you glisten.”
I do not believe single word you have to say
And I really don’t care so have a nice day


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