Stress Management For Carers


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By Jessica M Smyrl

ISBN: 9781849915137
Published: 2011
Pages: 163
Key Themes: self help, carers, stress management, anxiety, support


A great resource and self-help book for any carer who is feeling under stress or is anxious. There are lots of very useful tips and activities to try. It can be read right through or picked up and used to help and support when needed.

About the Author

Jessica Smyrl is a qualified nurse, midwife, Stress Management Consultant and Trainer. She runs a Stress Management Consultancy, Training and coaching business in Glasgow.

Jessica and her sister cared for their mother whilst they both worked full-time which was on occasion difficult to cope with. After their mother passed away in March 2006, Jessica volunteered with a local carers charity for about two years mainly giving telephone support to carers.

In 2009, Jessica founded Your Stress Management and her first business break was when the charity she was volunteering with were looking for a stress management consultant and training provider. They asked Jessica initially to carry out some consultancy and then provide training to carers. This was an excellent opportunity for Jessica as she was able to combine her role as a carer, volunteer and stress management expert to develop and deliver specific stress management training for carers.

Stress Management for Carers was written by Jessica as she found that many of the issues and problems which she had as a carer had not changed. Most of these issues were still extremely frustrating for carers today, so she felt that a self-help book would give some support and much needed help to carers.


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