Strength from Within



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By Ruby McKenzie

ISBN: 9781847474339
Published: 2008
Pages: 139
Key Themes: abuse, breakdown, recovery, family, therapy, personal strength


This book is an autobiography of unbelievable importance and honesty. McKenzie chronicles her own abuse as a child and how later, against continuing adverse circumstances, she manages to find the strength to pull through breakdown and be a mother herself. He courage and her search for knowledge, through therapy, are admirable. Whilst this is a hard book to read, McKenzie ultimately delivers a message of hope.

About the Author

McKenzie is a brave brave woman who has lived a remarkable, but unfortunately not uncommon, life. In her bravery and generosity, however, she is exceptionally unusual. She writes that she has written this book to continue her process of catharsis and survival and to help others who may have had similar experiences. Chipmunka have no doubt that she will achieve both her aims.

2 reviews for Strength from Within

  1. yvonne duncan (verified owner)

    i have to say that this was a book i could not put down, it is a story of a very brave woman.the honesty of the heartache that she has suffered through her life.but the strengh she has in dealing with what occurred. i wish her all the success in her future that she so deserves.

  2. yvonne duncan (verified owner)

    i have to say that i really enjoyed this book that i couldnt put it is a very honest account of the terrible things that she had to go through in her life,but also the strength that she has to carry on. i will be telling everyone how much i enjoyed the book and its a must have. i wish ruby all the success with this book.

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