Streatham Ice


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By John McKelvie

ISBN: 978-1-84747-082-9
Published: 2007
Pages: 191
Key Themes: fiction, relationships, anxiety, teenage London, self-harm, young male experience


To Alex, his new mate McEwan is just a loud wildboy with nerve, raging at authority and injustice. But when he learns that McEwan is quietly cutting and burning himself, Alex doesnt want to know, his Dad did himself in, and that still hurts too much. McEwans increasingly disturbed behaviour pushes Alexs friendship to the limits. If only boys would talk more The joys and madness of Brixton Hill and Streatham High Road amplify Alexs funny, edgy tale of young male friendship, distress and denial. A witty and conscious work of fiction that will resonate with anybody who see a bit of either Alex or McEwan in them.


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