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Worse than Psychosis
By Jason Tune

ISBN: 9781847479976
Published: 2009
Pages: 126
Key Themes: psychosis, stigma, society, empowerment


Synonymously Jason has activated a dissent into the reduction of stigma regarding mental illness. His first book Sex, Drugs and Northern Soul outlined his own recovery from his own demons and experiences as a service user in the 1980s. Jasons second book Stigma worse than the illness, is an uplifting if not empowering story into the reduction of stigma into mental illness. No one is exempt from mental ill health vulnerabilities or immune to its susceptibilities. However Jason has become an advocate into ensuring the recovery model is perpetuated nationally, if not internationally to its maximum extent by his biography, presentation and networking.

About the Author

In Rotherham, Yorkshire, 45 years ago my son, Jason Tune, a healthy 10 lb baby was born. It was a normal birth without complications. I watched him grow from a happy boy into a bright teenager. As he was approaching his 16th birthday, his behaviour started to change dramatically and he became restless and withdrawn. After seeking medical advice, I was told he was suffering a mental breakdown. He spent quite a long time in an out of hospital. Despite all the trauma and stigma he encountered he never once gave up fighting to regain his identity. Through his self belief and determination he is now able to lead a normal meaningful life. So much so, that he is now employed by a NHS Mental Health Trust helping a new generation with a similar disposition.

Patrick Tune


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