Sonnets and Poetic Plays


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By Greg Bauder

ISBN: 978-1-84991-477-2
Published: 2011
Pages: 73
Key Themes: poetry, screenplay, script, mental health


Bauder’s tenth book is a traditional versed poetry/ play
book with mostly modern situations. He draws on his study of Milton and
Shakespeare and others to create a rich and rewarding read. The sonnets
are alternately reverent towards poets but playful as well, while the plays
go from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again. But, the humour
displayed prevents this book from taking itself too seriously. And some
of the plays are emotionally charged and a lot of fun.

About the Author

Greg Bauder has a BA in English from The Univesity Of British
Columbia. His first novel, THE TEMPTRESS ARIEL, and his fourth
novel, SPILT COFFEE, are in development to be feature films. This
is Greg’s tenth published book. He was born May 1, 1956 and lives
in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada suburb of Surrey.

Book Extract


Love is love where it finds alterations
(Not for wedding gowns) but for relations
Between lovers’ changing bodies and minds
Reacting with the chemistry of time
Shakespeare first knew this universal truth
Which we need to integrate in our youth
Teens and young adults, the heartache prone
Whose eyes drip tears so not to be alone?
But there’s a danger also as we change
That too much deviation leaves one strange
And love once founded on alteration
Deserts the mad like in Hamlet’s nation
So treat with love the soul that’s different
Especially those pained with depression.


My cat once white and quick as falling milk
Whose fur was long and luxuriant as silk?
A well-bred Manx though an un-behaved brat
Who played the games of every house cat?
A blunt meow would make me start dinner
He’d arch his back and purr like a river
Rubbing his cheekiness against my shin
Knowing I’d open his favorite tin
He’d stretch after he licked his food dish clean
And play with his toy mouse ripped at the seams
Later, on my lap his eyes would beam gold
As he curled in a ball and sleep took hold
But to this day I’m angry and at odds
Why a cat’s life is short though made by gods.


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