Some Souls Live Forever


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By Vanessa King

ISBN: 9781849912419
Published: 2010
Pages: 105
Key Themes: youth, positivity, emotions


Some Souls live on forever tackles the traumatic circumstances surrounding the death of a close friend.

Jessica, a young teenage girl returns home from holiday to discover that her best friend Blake has been killed, having been knocked down by a car. The story examines the rollercoaster of emotions that Jessica feels. She initially is overcome by complete shock and denial. Once accepting what has happened, this moves to anger and grief, Jessica desperately craving for Blake to return.

Along her journey of dealing with the sadness, readers are introduced to the inspirational strength of Jessica, who manages to find a new inner source of positivity. This happens when Jessica begins seeing her life in a new perspective, realising that there is hope after Blake has gone. She begins believing that although Blake has been taken away, his soul lives on through the memory that she holds of him in her heart. This means that every time she thinks of him and the influence he had on her life, it causes her to begin living her life more fully and completely. This is why the story is so named, Some souls live on forvever, as Blakes soul lives on through the influence he has on Jessicas life from that point onwards.

About the Author

Vanessa, 25, is a primary school teacher, living and teaching in Winchester, a place which she fell in love with due to the ambience of the city. Always relishing the enjoyment of reading and writing creatively as a small child, she was inspired by special teachers along the way to pursue her dream to become an author.

Vanessas books focus on key issues that affect young people today. She aims through her stories to speak to them about the important things in life that children sometimes need a helping hand with, hopefully enabling them to come to terms with these issues and have a positive outlook.

She seeks to help provide understanding and comfort along the way, leading to a sense of wellbeing and positive state of mind.


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