Social Misfit


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A Collection of Poems
By Debra C Rufini


ISBN: 978-1-90410-27-3
First Published: 2000
This Edition: 2006
Pages: 55
Key Themes: poetry, depression , support, mental health worker, empathy


Urged to deal with hard-hitting issues in written form, Debra C Rufini is sensitive towards such matters of mental health, suffering, pain, depression, confusion, intolerance, people’s emotions and experiences. This volume should be read with concern and empathy for the victims it involves.

About the Author

As a qualified hypnotherapist and ex-Samaritan, Debra truly appreciates the need for encouragement as opposed to rejection. She believes that each personality is formed through the ingredients of opinion, decision, life’s experiences and circumstances, some being more unfortunate than others.

Book Extract

Dear Jeevis

It was ever such a lovely day,
in that little village very far away.
The family Jeevis with their servant, Grace,
on their tour around to check out the sights of this place.

Was very cosy, yet not very used to.
They were almost human for once.
There was no such show, for it was only those few,
away from society of the upper kind.
For just one moment in time they left all falseness behind.

A family nearby, as they always do,
came up to greet the ones who appeared to be new.
Should the Jeevis family now act above, to show just who they are?
They were now faced with paupers, who were the lowest here by far.

The snobbery at first got in the way,
but it wasn’t long before they could cope with their kind of day.
They soon became the closest of the friendship kind.
After all, they were only the visitors having to leave all offishness behind.

The children play, while the adults talk and natter.
Yes, they were human too, despite their lack of grammar.
They went out, they stayed in, their house became their home.
They accepted every condition and not once did they moan.

Taking to their lifestyle of dirt and sweat.
Well after all a holiday must have to be adaptably met.
The Jeevis’s not too familiar with the surroundings here,
consequently found father Jeevis sinking into a bog too near.

The Jeevis’s like almost any other time,
had to go on ahead, leaving the paupers way behind.
They all pulled away not attempting to get
Mr Jeevis out. They all just cried through upset.

The waiting for the pauper family,
was only a matter of ten seconds preciously to see.
They came running, and they knew exactly what to do,
as they went on ahead and rescued him, unlike the spectating few.

Well, the fun seemed so endless that was enjoyed by them all,
but the time came all too soon for their returning call.
They agreed to writing about their friendly terms,
but there was a lesson here that the Jeevis’s should have learnt.

Back to the scene of snobbery and inhuman acts.
The family to their true lifestyle were now brought back.
The adults talk in the upper fashion,
while the children play with no sticks or stones,
but with some toys with action.

All was soon forgotten of their holiday.
They never told any of their friends.
Well, they were only paupers anyway.
To the other side, it was their highlight of life,
to have such visitors come to see them there in their light.

The Jeevis’ ball was to take its place,
on an evening so cool with nothing to disgrace.
What incident could ruin such a happy time?
Not a knock at the door, with some peasants behind.

A face should have seen such a welcome sight,
but instead of which, met with a “go back” bite.
After pleading with the butler to let them come in.
After succeeding in telling their friendship with the Jeevis’s was convincing.

“Mr. Jeevis”, a cry came to halt
all that was going on, as he stopped all to talk.
Astonished gasps filled the air, as the peasant man
saw only their same level, he now could not understand.

“Won’t you let us in, and won’t you let us stay?
We’ve suffered a forest fire, which has blown our house away.
We won’t cause you any trouble, that I promise you,
as you never in our house, which once stood well and true”.

What other statement could turn such upper heads,
as the Jeevis household, embarrassed, but furiously said:
“Master Grace, please escort these dear people to the door”.
Along with the look of ‘please don’t come and visit here any more!’

How could such a man turn such an incident away?
How could Grace, who became a pal also, know just what he could say?
They saved his life, gave them a home and freedom for a while,
but due only to the upper friend’s thoughts, had he to turn so vile.

So they roamed hungry and cold, and with nowhere to lie.
When one day announced that family pauper had to die.
They could not go back, so they stayed in that town’s rich face,
where the Jeevis mansion could, but did not offer a place.

When the bulletin of the family hit the news,
there was only one guilty family to accuse.
Witnesses from the party came forward to declare,
that the family once knew the Jeevis name, for they were there.

Every Jeevis member went to visit the scruffy morgue,
in that old shanty town where they had visited before.
Looks were upon their dead faces as if to say but not to moan,
“We’d invite you back for coffee, but we haven’t got a home!”



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