So You Want To Build the Naked UFO Plasma Active Craft


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By Set Plasma Free

ISBN: 9781849912433
Published: 2010
Pages: 64
Key Themes: sci-fi, conpsiracy theories, technology, humour, aspergers syndrome, dyslexia


Through the pages of this book Set Plasma Free strips off the clothes of conspiracy to reveal chapter and verse on how a UFO is constructed and on how todays technological high St can provide the plasma drive propulsion system along with all the flight control technology.

At the end of this amusing read the reader is left in no doubt that there was a conspiracy of silence concerning agencies who may or may not have a crashed UFO. The naked UFO provides no nonsense answers to questions that have been fudged for decades.

About the Author

Set Plasma Free knows what it is like to be bottom of the class, in every subject, and to leave school at the age of 16, to wash dishes and make beds. All those years ago Dyslexia was not a known disability neither was Aspergers Syndrome. In Set Plasma Frees case his brain could see things that other people couldnt or did not want to see.

However, Set Plasma Free has the ability to communicate with his voice which he believes is a gift from God for helping him to rise above all the ridicule that has been thrown his way over all these years.

Thanks to Chipmunka Publishing for giving people like Richard an opportunity to write and publish his works.


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