Skinheads, Rastas & Hippies


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About The Half That Was Never Told
By John Williams


ISBN: 978-1-904697-23-7
Published: 2005
Pages: 55
Key Themes: ethnic minorities, schizophrenia, 1970s-1990s, drugs, South London


‘Skinheads, Rastas and Hippies’ reflects John’s involvement in the alternative culture of the 1970s through to the 1990s. He saw a common denominator between the different ethnic and sub-culture groups i.e. Rastas mixing with hippies/skinheads etc. It was these experiences coupled with his own diagnosis of schizophrenia that lead John to put pen to paper. A truly entertaining read the story reflects John’s upbringing and youth in the mixed and sometimes volatile Brixton in South London.

About the Author

John was born in Jamaica in 1955, he currently lives in Brixton, South London. John has had various jobs but has struggled to find employment since becoming ill with schizophrenia. His interests include reading, football and meeting people. He has two children – Adrian aged 16 and Samantha who is 12 years of age. John wrote his book in order to share his perception of his experiences and interpretation of his life issues and tribulations. He believes that the seventies and early eighties were key years in defining the issues of today.

Book Extract

I have been hanging around and it looks like I am wasting time. You should know that good drop outs hang about smoking dope and do not ever get a bad day but when you hear of down and outs they are even worse. Sometimes I wonder if I would get back on my feet. So far the smoking seems to be all right. Now I am ripe again, big up dropouts.

The truth is that you are trying to be wild and free, as you would like to be without problems, like sunshine after the rain, big up drop out big up and have a better day. Or is it sunshine in the rain. Can you see how much, right on and look how it recurs, at least have a good look. Look as I was saying to a good friend not knowing how she got to be my friend. At first we could not see each other’s way, but look how now we see thing like the same.

Don’t you know you can look back without getting angry? Now take a second glance and I did a little show of what’s on tonight, then you look again and it was corrupt, see if you could live with that. But that count is over coz you could fall apart if what you did was not wrong. This time it is good my friend keep saying maybe you want to go back in time and save what is down there, or even stop the big bang.

Hey, hey have you seen that new temple they are building up the road, they say it is a massive place. But I think we could do with a new temple and that’s not all a big deal. Come on now don’t you think we would need a new religion. Well do you believe in love at first sight, such could never in this modern day, with these day days of divorces, but some people find the four leaf clover? But if a stranger comes up to you and say here is a million pound, what would you do.

Maybe you would kick you heels and score with a long love affair. But some people look for a magic formula for true love. Now we have look at love from two sides it is not very easy to find true love but you could not be unlucky I know that I am lucky. Aren’t you a nice girl, well it would be better if I said aren’t you a good girl. Don’t you think you two are a good pair holding hands everywhere you go? It’s not just in a sexual way, its just good friends.

Can you see where I was dear with that girl she wanted more of what I could not to give her? Even love is a story of men and women, and I am writing without taking sides coz I know you want a good read, black or white coz I can’t see what’s the hassle fighting? So let love live. Its like I have being going out with you, you should get used to me by now my friend, you have become like an extra arm and that’s a fact.


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