Six White Doves & One Pink Rose


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A Collection of Prayers & Poems
By Josephine Brown


ISBN: 978-1-84747-240-3
Published: 2007
Pages: 37
Key Themes: poetry, Christianity, religion, self-belief, disability



This is a collection of prayers and poems created over many years to offer comfort and above all self-belief. This collection gives an amazing perception that everybody has certain pathways. As much as we try to avoid the wrong pathways, we very often tend to head straight for them. This book and the poetry it contains reflect Josephine’s experiences from caring for an ill son, to major operations and disability. Many of the poems allude to Josephine’s strong religious identity. This is an extremely strong collection of poetry from an extremely strong woman.

About the Author

After recovering from polio meningitis at aged 6 and being ‘home alone’ for 4 years. I’d taught myself how to read and write. I returned to school for the final year wherein I won a writing prize at The Royal Albert Hall five times. I went on to work in the legal profession until 2001 when I became David’s (son) carer. Having had a turbulent life I compiled two poetry books. I have won certificates from Lookout Magazine and The National Library of Poets – Welwyn Hatfield Times covered these events. Between 1993 until 2003 I became dedicated to securing David’s freedom from oppression.

Book Extract

(Written after the death of Princess Diana)

I walked the streets of London upon a cold November day
My hands tucked in my pockets for that is where they’ll stay
I had walked this way many times as a small child
These streets of London I had so adored
I paused to rest, my thoughts running wild, engulfed with half rage and scorn
For the past seemed an eternity awaiting a future less tethered and torn
For all the riches in this world could never enhance more freely
Than the spirit that binds us all, like hunger
The future is locked within the past like the eloquence of light
That shines beneath the shaded trees amidst the secrets of eternal life
I walked the streets of London, inconspicuously happy, alone yet out of sight..


A career within a notable profession
Acceptance of perhaps, a University Degree
Injuries in life that were suffered, would not allow this to become reality
All these achievements are great, until you begin to equate
Forgiveness from within, you have to now negotiate..

The magic of writing poetry which can allow others a differing point of view.
Because of the written words in life – alternate pathways we can pursue..

It isn’t what you have achieved in life
It’s how you feel inside
The difference between walking with your head held down, or walking through life with pride..

To know you have won a battle
A battle to succeed
A certificate you have earned in life and have at last, courageously received..


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