She Held A Gun To My Head


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Written & Illustrated by
Elizabeth Ann Oates &
Sarah Jane Oates

ISBN: 978-1-84991-822-0
Published: 2012
Pages: 93
Key Themes: Mental Health, Anorexia, Interview, Illustration, Poetry


The book is an interview about how the twins have coped with the anorexia and how it has affected them individually. Although Sarah has admitted she has anorexia, she cannot say that she is recovered or may not ever fully recover. She can say however, that she has wasted that part of her life and is ready to move on. This book is a celebration to both the sisters that Sarah is still here and the pressure is off Elizabeth to help Sarah. The sisters want to raise awareness of anorexia and the affect it can have on close family and friends. Talking about it and getting help is the way forward, for the victim and for the family and friends.

About the Authors

Elizabeth and Sarah were born in 1979, and both developed eating disorders when they were 16 years old, having left school and moving onto Sixth Form. Elizabeth’s bulimia lasted a couple of years, but Sarah’s anorexia has haunted her through her 20’s, and after admitting having it a couple of years ago, is still recovering today. Sarah tried to go into hospital but her weight was not low enough, and Elizabeth tried to commit suicide and harmed herself a few times during her twenties, eventually leading to voluntarily hospital admission in 2008. Elizabeth just could not cope with the pressure of seeing her sister poorly and felt absolutely helpless. Since coming out of hospital, Elizabeth is taking medication and Sarah has realised the affect she has had on her sister. They are now closer since they have talked about it and lead happy, healthy lifestyles, both having a job, running competitively, and raising money for mental health.

Book Extract

This book is a true story about a set of twins. One had, and is now recovering from, anorexia and the other one thought she was going to lose her. It is a book about sadness, happiness, signs and symptoms of anorexia and how it affects friends and family.

The book is laid out in interview style, with Elizabeth and Sarah chatting, discussing and debating about anorexia. Elizabeth asks Sarah questions and Sarah asks Elizabeth questions.

The book is designed to be cathartic, and to help others who are suffering from anorexia, or who know of someone suffering from anorexia.

Elizabeth and Sarah have always vowed to live to reach their 100th birthday; anything over that is a bonus. Sarah developed anorexia at sixteen and admitted she had it at 30. Elizabeth told Sarah at 28 that while she still had the anorexia she could not see her anymore, even if they did reach their 100th birthday.

Elizabeth decided she had to let Sarah go – it was too painful even to see her, to be in the same room. She would rather have not seen Sarah at all; Sarah was dead to her. Sarah even told Elizabeth that she felt dead.

This book has been written by the twins at age 32. They both felt that the fact Sarah had admitted her problem, and was seeking help and getting better, was cause for celebration for themselves and their family. They both wanted to write this book as a celebration and to help others.

They plan to live life as much as they can, for they appreciate how short it can be.


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