Shadows in a Mad World


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By Kevin Young

ISBN: 978-1-84991-244-0
Published: 2010
Pages: 100
Key Themes: poetry, manic depression, bipolar disorder, depression



These are the collected poems of Kevin Young, bipolar author who has composed his works from a lifetime of love, life and pain. These are shadows of the author in that they are “reflections” of his soul. They plunge from the depths of greatest love to the depths of suicide. From questioning God to the glory of life.

About the Author

Kevin Young, born in 1963, has lived a life outside the emotional norm of most. Bipolar from his early teens but not diagnosed until 2009, he has lived with the extreme manic highs and suicidal depressions without knowing why. After suicide attempts, rages, deep love affairs and deadly depressions; these have been the emotional makeup of his life. Out of this turmoil has come a collection of poetic works, fueled by the fire of Bipolar. Keeping that thin line between creativity…and madness has become the challenge while learning to cope with a life on the emotional extremes.

Book Extract


You are the single most beautiful person I know,
The most beautiful woman.
You are my greatest friend,
My muse.

Watching you grow as a woman, a person, a friend
Has been the greatest joy in my life.

I would take any pain for you,
A 1000 lives I would die for you,
Any bullet,
Every tear.

When you laugh,
My heart soars.
When we hold,
I know joy.

When you cry,
I would kiss every tear
And count them as diamonds to my tongue.

Your innocence and sweetness
Are the balm to my pain,
The hope for tomorrow.


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