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By William McCoy

ISBN: 978-1-84747-875-7
Published: 2009
Pages: 82
Key Themes: poetry, relationships, philosophy



Poetry is not as popular as it was at one time. It is not as popular as it should be. Far too many contemporary writers seem to be more interested in trying to impress the reader rather than involving them.

If you have put poetry aside because you found it to be boring, overly abstract or overly intellectual, then you probably have plenty of company.

I wrote SHADOWBYTES with you in mind. Most of the poems actually rhyme and have some sense of meter. Because I use the realm of human experience as a theme, I’ve never been short on subject matter.

Within the pages of this book, you will find poems relating to religion, philosophy, history, relationships and psychology written with a message in mind. I hope you find something within these pages that stirs you. Most of all, I hope I’ve rekindled your interest for poetry.

About the Author

Born in 1945, McCoy is semi-retired. Over the past few years he has become an enthusiastic writer with a sincere appreciation of the quiet life. McCoy, married in 1966, has two daughters, four grandchildren, and resides in the suburbs outside of Austin Texas.

After teaching many years, McCoy left the profession and soon after completed: “What We Work With….Troubling Times for Educators”, published by Scarecrow Press in 2002. “Life in Context,” a collection of McCoy’s earlier poetry was published in 2006 by Publish America.

“I have always enjoyed writing, especially poetry. All writing lends itself to interpretation, but poetry serves this purpose best. It is in the interpretation that makes poetry personal for everyone.”

Book Extract


Long ago and far away,
in a country called paradox.
The leaders decided
to move everyone outside the box.

Any wording, they said, is adjustable,

when it comes to meaning.

The people will no longer use terms

that someone might construe as demeaning.

For every rule, there will be an exemption.

We’ll anoint every excuse as a right.

Ignorance will be totally acceptable,

if the facts are deemed to be impolite.

From now on it will be discourteous

to describe things the way they are.

Coming near to making sense

will be judged as going too far.

There must be appeasement for most,

with entitlements for all.

Finally, we’ll have a level playing field

after we’ve removed every rock and wall.

Whatever was done in the past,

society was surely to blame.

No one should be held responsible

for who or what they became.

The people applauded the new laws,

and lived happily ever after as correct.

They were the first to accept deplorable behavior,

and find sanctuary in the absence of self-respect.


Step away from the status-quo,

and away from the way everyone else sees.

Know that identity is only an escrow,

restrained by the boundaries of two parentheses.


An overcrowded room;

pandemonium in the spaces.

Swelling conversations;

so many new and forgotten faces.

It doesn’t matter where I am;

with company or alone.

The humming in my head,

continues its steady drone.

Fast-forward the future;

rewind where I’ve been.

New thoughts only bring

the old ones back again.

I need to quiet my unruly mind.

I want the noise to cease.

Or has this place forever stilled

the last resonance of peace?

3 reviews for Shadowbytes

  1. William McCoy (verified owner)

    Roberta Tennant, Publisher, Ankh Press wrote;
    “Without reservation, I can say that this is some of the best poetry i have ever read. The Loyalist and the Patriot should be featured on CNN! i am very impressed by the clarity, economy and vivid power of your work. Please let me know when your poetry is published, as i want to buy an autographed copy!

  2. William McCoy (verified owner)

    Jonathan, Editor for Charles Rivers Press wrote:
    “Upon reading your work, it is clear that you are a talented poet. Your rhythm is an easy syncopation, and your words conjure images that are identifiable and deep. Your author voice cuts straight to the heart in a minimalistic use of language and a maximum play of emotion.”

  3. William McCoy (verified owner)

    An evaluation team report on Shadowbytes by Olympia Publishers said:
    “The poetry is of a high standard, entirely appropriate, and the Author writes with a surprising in-depth knowledge and literary skill.”

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