Sex Is For Love


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Based on the life of a Bipolar II, Lesbian, Sex Addict

By Jules Alexander

ISBN: 978-1-78382-146-4
Published: 2015
Pages: 136
Key Themes: Mental Health, Bipolar II, Sex, Relationships

Book Intro

Sex, love, addiction, Bipolar II, childhood abuse, homosexuality, coming out of the closet and faith coupled with the power to overcome and accomplish is all in this book. Jules takes you on a powerful and raw journey through issues most of us are blessed with not having to experience. This writer injects you in a world that few ever see and leaves you with the feeling that anything can be overcome with the power of the human spirit.

Sex is for love is written in a way that will pull you in and counsel you on how to approach the issues above and be successful without experiencing the hurt she has endured. The emotional detail and no holds bar style of the writer will make you cry, laugh and occasionally aroused throughout this read. Dont expect an over the top lesbian touting the homosexual agenda, because you will be disappointed. Her perspective is genius and intriguing, logical, emotional and if nothing else completely original.

This book will change you and your perspective on many issues facing our culture today. You will find yourself being empowered with every page you turn understanding that life is about choices regardless of what bad cards you might have been dealt with.

If you or a loved ones are dealing with any of these issues sex is for love is a must read.

About The Author

Jules Alexander is a powerful published author, LGBT activist and thought provoking public speaker. She has written a raw memoir Sex Is For Love, detailing her life as former sex addict and successful Bipolar II woman. When she is not evoking emotions with her public speaking or writings, she is most likely running to keep up with her 4 children and beautiful wife Diana.


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