Septembers Balloon


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By Kathy Flanary Nelson

ISBN: 9781849910064
Published: 2009
Pages: 170
Key Themes: fiction, depression, anxiety, family, relationships


Septembers Balloon is a novel written in first person and told through the eyes of Susan Nolan . Susan is afflicted with anxiety and panic, and struggles with her recently closed company, loss of financial independence and a stale and isolating marriage.

A childhood loss taunts her additionally, and with no emotional support from her husband or from her wealthy and disconnected family, she spirals into depression. She is the mother of her six year old daughter named September, who sends a message to God, by balloon, driven by her innate and child like faith.

Septembers parents, Susan and Matt Nolan are at first amused and delighted with their daughters idea of sending her rainbow drawing to God as a thank you for the rainbows he is given to her, until their small town, several weeks later, witness a rainbow of phenomenal proportions and contemplate they have witnessed a miracle.

As the story progresses, so do the balloons as one becomes larger when Susan, having an unbearable fear of heights, schedules a hot air balloon ride for her daughters birthday.

This is a fiction novel, however, Susans emotional disease is a constant current throughout the story and the symptoms and experiences deriving from her illness told accurately and honestly from her viewpoint.

The storys interesting momentum throughout will grasp the readers attention. Sadness, humor, conflict, and unexplainable occurrences from Septembers wonderment and faithful belief for answers spawns hope and encourage change for her parents Susan and Matt.

About the Author

Kathy Flanary Nelson was born at Camp Lejeune, NC and later relocated with her young military family to attend first grade in Alexandria, Virginia. Shortly after, they moved back to North Carolina where she has lived most of her life.

She found she loved creative writing the day her boss asked her to write an employment recommendation for an employee she hardly knew. She completed the project that night and turned it into her boss the next day who astonishingly praised her writing skills. It also landed a company employee a promotion, but no raises for herself as she recalls.

Kathy achieved plenty and enjoyed diversity and challenge in the workplace before she found her entrepreneurial spirit, then started a competitive business. She contemplated obstacles along the way but never thought shed become expecting with her first born only eight months into her new endeavor.

With a newborn business and a newborn child, she found herself pulled between the two but managed to continue her business, though downscaled from her original goal, to allow working from home and to care for her daughter during the early years.


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