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Perspectives From Personal Experience
Edited by Louise Roxanne Pembroke


ISBN: 978-1-904697-04-6
First Published: 1989
Second Edition: 2004
This Edition: 2005
Pages: 80
Key Themes: self-harm, mental health services, anthology, suicidal thoughts


Perhaps the most important book on self-harm ever to come to print, Louise Pembrokes book, subtitled Perspectives from Experience, helps to reduce the mystery and perverse glamour that surrounds this controversial issue. Self-harm is harrowing both for those who go through it and for those who watch while a loved one suffers. To most of us, it is inexplicable. This book attempts to answer the critical question, why? This collection of stories, written by self-harmers themselves, produces a clearer picture of what self harmers go through, how they think and react. This publication is an important text for anyone who has been through self-harm or for those who work with them.

About the Author

The Self-Harm conference was organised in 1989, by Louise Pembroke, then education officer for Survivors Speak Out with the Hackney Federation for Consumers of Mental Health Services. It was funded by Mind and The Kings Fund Centre. Survivors Speak Out is an organisation of people who have survived the psychiatric services. The organisation provides information to individuals and groups who are involved in establishing alternatives to the current services and campaigning against the many abuses within the system.


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