Seclusion Room, Alone with God


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By Mangai

ISBN: 978-1-78382-419-9
Published: 2018
Pages: 18


Seclusion Room, Alone With God is a book based on what Mangai faced in Psychiatric Hospital, when she decided to return to her roots back to her family in Africa, in the hope that she would get better. The Bipolar Affective Disorder was so bad she had to be secluded at certain times as she would walk around waking up patients on the ward from their beds. Once the seclusion was lifted off she got the opportunity to make some lifelong friendships that she will cherish forever.

About the Author

Mangai is also the author of the book WHAT A JOURNEY I HAVE TRAVELLED. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective DIsorder or Manic Depression in 2011 and she is still standing so she says.


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