SCHIZOPHRENIA: Selected Literary Works by a Prior Schizophrenic


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By Milo Seamus Miles

ISBN: 978-1-84991-544-1
Published: 2011
Pages: 209
Key Themes: Schizophrenia, Essays, Mental Health, Lyrics


A “Chiaroscuro” is a variety of contrasts in literature, and this book certainly contains that.

Beginning with Essays which start more simply, evolving into something many language reference books may be needed to fully comprehend the complexity of. But all in fun. Next come the Lyrics, they are quickly and enjoyably read, not a challenge at all, very loving, some of them. Followed by an, almost, historic document, the Autobiography from 1998, a disciplined poetic bit of writing this, very truthful and cathartic to him at the time, Milo says.

Rounded off by Jottings–common sense, the most fascinating basis for homespun philosophy, and this is his. Altogether, a valuable collection that the author is pleased with and takes pleasure in presenting. Many happy hours will be at the disposal of the purchaser of this “Chiaroscuro”, you are assured.

About the Author

These works demonstrate increasingly better mental health being gained by Milo Seamus Miles, a 1951 baby, and become almost intellectual in an amusing manner. Milo has published books of essays with Chipmunka before and over the past 15 years this better mental well-being has been the trend.

People who’ve known Milo well over a considerable time period, can truthfully state that he has been improving for four decades.

Book Extract

A Marvellous Member

Charlotte Chumney-Chumley-Cholmondeley, whose eyes mesmerised, Primrose Penrose, the dilettante débutante, and Marcella Marbella, who was pensive and preferred extensive,expensive accessories, met Sir Adrian Hadrian Mondrian again when he was acting the role of a Mohawk with a tomahawk at the Theatre Royal, Phoenix Alley, Ian Dury Lane, off Harry Lime Street, which differed immensely from his forgotten, rotten, previous part as a pathetic, peripatetic bushwhacking, hijacking skyjacker who had wrongly thought his mother pukka, prior to his anti-social activities.

The reason that these three fine females visited Sir Adrian in his dressing-room after the performance was to offer a proposal that he put himself forward to be selected as their particular political party’s parliamentary candidate now that his statue was erected and, hopefully, subsequently elected in the statutory poll taking place in the by-election for their constituency in the near future. It is most self-evident that I wish Northern Irish Sir Adrian to consider the opportunity very seriously as we’ve always had a rapturous rapport and I would really regard his representation in the House of Commons for this area to be desirable.

I realise that aficionados of the world of public affairs may be a little surprised at a Thespian entering this arena but it has been successfully done before, examples being Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and, domestically, Glenda Jackson.


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