Schizophrenia and Multiculturalism Book 3


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Poems, Songs and Stories to Help People With Schizophrenia
By Moeze Lalji

ISBN: 978-1-84747-971-6
Published: 2009
Pages: 166
Key Themes: poems, stories, schizophrenia,


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About the Author

Moeze Lalji was born in Uganda in 1958 and came to England as a refugee in 1972.

He was a paperboy in his school days, then went to West Hill Secondary School in Stalybridge, then to Tameside College, then to Leeds Polytechnic, then worked for a small firm of chartered accountants, then worked for a bank, then with his wife owned a sub-post office, then worked for a property company.

Later he had a break down and suffers from schizophrenia. He belongs to the Ismaili community and has his faith in the Aga Khan, which keeps him alive with the obvious support from the mental health team.

His young brother died from schizophrenia.

He is very grateful to Jason Pegler for giving him support and the encouragement to be part of society and feel wanted through the poems, which he finds therapeutic. He never believed he would get this far in his life, but Jason has made it possible for him.

Moeze wants to help mental health sufferers so he is donating his poems to the Chipmunka Foundation who help mental health sufferers. Moeze also donates poems to various charities.

Moeze really says thank you to Jason and his team. May God bless you all in your good work for society by providing an enabling environment .

Book Extract

My great grandmother put me on her lap one day, with tears in her eyes. I always felt for her because she was made to sleep in a small storeroom behind the main house. Her son used to live with his family in the main house.

There was no bathroom for her in this small store. I asked her how does she have a bath and attend to her needs? She said that when it is nightfall, she attends to all her needs so that no one can see her in the dark.

She takes a bucket full of water from the water tank, and showers herself under the cool sky and moon.

I could not understand her situation, why my great grandmother could not live in the family house or if they did not like her, why not with my grandmother down the road? She was very old and frail, yet facing this loneliness. But she always smiled saying my Lord is with me. Every night he sends me the moon as my light, cooling my heart with forgiveness. They are my children whose love is a bit different.

For cooking my great grandmother cooked for herself and she would also feed me whenever
I visited her on my holidays.


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