Rotten Jelly Beans



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Tales of Girlhood Misadventure
By Michele Koh

ISBN: 978-1-84747-352-3
Published: 2007
Pages: 197
Key Themes: bi-polar disorder, manic depression, schizo-affective disorder, electro-convulsive therapy , medication, addiction


I would sit up all night and sometimes first thing in the morning just banging away at the keyboard hoping to loosen the chains of a mind that had condemned itself. I was in hell and all I could do was stay in that agonizing position and keep writing, so I knew I was still alive. – Michele Koh


Rotten Jellybeans is a comical and surreal adventure into the madcap world of teenage girlhood. Michele Koh looks at her rapid and frightening descent into drug addiction and manic depression with raw and punchy honesty. This collection of 22 short stories and poems about drugs, love, sex and insanity is perhaps a tale that every single young girl making that transition into womanhood can understand. Dark, funny and delightful.

About the Author

Michele Koh is a journalist who has written for publications like Psychologies and Harpers Bazaar. She is also a scriptwriter and a childrens book illustrator. Michele was editor of the LCC News at the London College of Communication, where she graduated in journalism in 2007 with a first class honours degree.

Born in Singapore in 1978, she attended an all girls convent school and began working in television as a childrens show host when she was 11. In her late teens, Michele was diagnosed with bipolar schizo-affective disorder and underwent 7 treatments of electro-convulsive therapy. In the following years she grappled with behavioural addictions, and dependency on prescription drugs. It was during the nadir of her illness that Michele began to write.

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  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    A book based around many mental health issues such as Bi-polar, ECT – a deeply moving read

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