Roseum Thornycum


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By Jarrad Dickson

ISBN: 978-1-84991-029-3
Published: 2009
Pages: 118
Key Themes: mental health, fiction



Roseum Thornyum is a phrase Jarrad Dickson gained from seeing a gigantic rose in his bedroom when he was delusional that he thought turned him into a Roseum Thornycum albino with twenty two fingers that had black, white and red nails.

The book mainly has writing from the age of 16-18, with his early poetry and his play Cain and Abel he wrote in iambic pentameter when he was 18. The poetry is sometimes in meter, sometimes not. It mostly is unrequited love sourced poetry from an unrequited albino love interest and a Lily Cole hair coloured love interest with that poem about a moth in silence striking a note upon her lips. Jarrad Dickson was sick of unrequited love when he was 19 so quite writing poetry for he was writing love poetry or poetry mainly about woman, though carried on writing plays but lost his second play, The Aryan House and The Cabaret Malfunction and burned Pandora’s People and Suicide Star State was thrown in the bin.

There are three short stories, one short story he won the creative writing prize for at Dilworth school for boys from straightened circumstances and two short stories of his later writing at the age of 22 called The Holy Products of Pandora and Chinalalbino.

The play Cain and Abel was his first attempt at imitating Shakespeare, Marlowe and Goethe, and was an attempt at expressing an Insanity theme. It is about Cain’s mark being the mark of insanity and the outsider, and the downfall of society because of violence, religion and insanity and at the end God commits suicide and the universe explodes.

The Holy Products of Pandora’s title is gained from his play Pandora’s People and expresses that the products of Pandora’s box are the products of madness and in his play he showed that Pandora was the first cyborg or machine as she was created by the Gods and in his play turns into a machine after she kills herself by cutting her face up while dancing in a cut wrist like Dita Von Teese dancing in a martini glass.

Jarrad Dickson is currently writing a science fiction space opera novel about Pandora, the beauty of Lily Cole, Hua Nian, the universe, psychosis and schizophrenia, Dilworth school, James Dilworth the founder of Dilworth school and Jarrad Dickson.

The two short stories called Chinalalbino and THPOP concern flame haired, white skinned goddesses and this beauty is inspired by the beauty of the supermodel Lily Cole, who he thought was an orange flame haired Arian and Aryan from outerspace that was as tall as a bridge and could stretch her body into black holes and destroyed Hitler’s civilisation by burning it down with flames from her hands and he is using Lily Cole’s beauty again in his novel.

About the Author

Jarrad Dickson was born on the 22nd of October, 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand and was awarded a scholarship to study at Dilworth school for high school and was first in Art every year and first in Art History and English in his final year and was one of the top scholars. He then attended the University of Auckland and learned Latin, and taught himself Biblical Hebrew and Ancient Greek in his spare time. He always aspired to be an artist throughout high school.

During his period of alcohol abuse in 2007, he sought getting on Prozac to help with his depression but only a few weeks later had a psychotic breakdown on the eighteenth of October 2007, where he heard voices that there was an organ spaceship under Dilworth and that they needed his heart cut out to open the spaceship and that his principle was an alien from Pluto. He spent three months in a psychiatric ward and then had a psychotic relapse the next year where he thought Lily Cole was an Arian and that she owned half of Auckland and he heard her voice long-distance talking to him from the Pier Penthouse in New York. These breakdowns caused his study to be prolonged, and he is still studying a BA in Latin and English Literature and is planning to do postgraduate study in one or both of the majors in the next year or two.

Book Extract

“Thank you, for this beautiful experience” the old chinalbino, Michael Mathew, spoke in the mind of Jarrad Dickson, his golden sunsets and star constellations shining forth in his mind, with other words streaming along. “This is the first fold of immortality, of albinohood” with stars shining out, issuing to his mind what would be the first fold of immortality, of being a chinalbino, that it is golden sunsets and stars in the mind, with the message from Michael Mathew. Michael Mathew may have been a human he thought, though come from time immemorial, before this universe, if the big bounce theory was correct and there was a previous universe. Other stars shone out as his eyes were closed, inhaling a cigarette to generate heat for his mind, which was accentuating the messages which were coming into his mind. He was smoking a cigarette outside the window of Te Whetu Tawera, the mental asylum of Auckland city, near the hospital and beside Auckland’s domain area, in his dormitory. “Thank you for this beautiful, experience…” he spoke again, with a voice unfamiliar. JD then unravelled his sheets and crawled out of bed, for it was eleven am in the morning and he had been up all night. At night he was going cross-eyed on purpose, looking at the light bulb. If he did it properly, he could make around seven light bulbs and a Sith Lord would appear in the light bulb, far before that of the Emperor, with a bulbous head and a large nose. He stayed up all night and to him came a video image that hung on the wall of his dormitory, before his bed, beside the mirror to the right and the window to the left along another sloping wall that was sloping inwards beside and along the bed. It had small squares within it and had small dancing stick men, and if you focused on the centre of the pattern in each evolving image another pattern would evolve out of it, like a video IQ test. After that, the high civilisation Abducia was speaking to him through tuning, what he saw was telecommunication, the art of speaking to someone through mind talk from far across the universe, though this was different. This was a recorded message from far ago that a high civilisation of humans had embedded alongside an IQ test to 500 in the human genome that would spring up after a few days of no sleep and an IQ above 300, though JD did not see himself having an IQ above 300, his mind was not on this but on the lovely, beautiful voice of his next love interest, Sasbrina Sasbrina. She was speaking about wanting to fall in love with whoever passed the IQ test, for she had pale skin, and a weird voice that was high pitched and could not find love in her own civilisation.


“Kill yourself, to go to heaven, you’ll be an albino in heaven, then you can return” was the thought in the mind of JD as he smoked another cigarette in the smoking area of the asylum in Ward A. Voices and images were coming into his mind of a heaven that all humans go to, wherein if you saw the message of the chinalbino you would wake up in heaven a chinalbino. A chinalbino is someone with china white skin and an immortal, someone with golden eyes also. He saw meadows and circles of flowers that you woke up in with pretty girls waiting to have sex with you when you awoke after death, and gravity took him wanting to die as he inhaled another cigarette. He was smoking for breakfast, for he didn’t eat breakfast. He was still seeing images of sunsets, though MM said another process would come, a process that would turn you into an albino, with golden eyes, and an immortal, and he also said that he would be his own spaceship. Through his mind went cigarettes, the need to have sex and the pure white psychosis, the psychosis of WHITE WHITE WHITE. Though he was not a Nazi or a racist, it was his undercover dream to be as white as possible, to be white, white, white. Though later through dreaming and through realisation, he would find other colours that would suit his body, that of his skin colour and hair colour.


“You’ll be an albino soon” said the voice, with MM fading into the distance and new gods taking up his call. The process he was about to go through was nearly there, and he was starting to see patterns that came up with meanings spoken into his mind, for instance, a triangle with three circles in it would allow an “If based communication system.” Which means he could telecommunicate and also that he would not need a liver. While he would go through the process, he realized it was about his body changing form, becoming superhuman. He would be his own spaceship, and have two hearts and flaming, black hair and eleven white pupil dots within his iris in a perfect circle. And have no testicles or an anus, just a rose flower penis, which could vibrate, and spin around, made into different shapes to give a woman pleasure. Many other things came with it but he couldn’t remember all the patterns. Throughout all this a voice spoke about him being able to read the book of a mozillion and the book of absolute that provided patterns you could draw onto your forehead that allowed you to do superhuman things, such as being your own spaceship. JD as he started going through this process had not spoken a word to anyone, and signed his name in the leave form and went out. He bought a packet of horizons and smoked them, with the voice saying, “You smoked a horizon.” He then went to the cafe in the domain by the duck pond and drank it, with the voice saying again, “You smoked a horizon and drank a solar eclipse,” for the milk was on half of it, and looked like the start of a solar eclipse. It was romantic and meaningful to him. It was meaningful and this was important for he had the psychosis of “Because I’m Marilyn Manson, and that’s exactly what I mean.” He went through the process of albinohood and he was to have black hair.


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