Right Under My Very Nose


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By Norah Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-84991-968-5
Published: 2013
Pages: 86
Key Themes: Mental Health, Post-War, Care, Biography


The main theme of my book is looking at my life with its many twists and turns and working out why there were so many ups and downs and with the acquired knowledge try to help and inspire the reader by studying the contents so they may get an idea of the many pitfalls they could possibly face. I am quite sure most people could write their autobiography if they put there minds to. It is so important to keep the facts as they happened as it must be true to your lifes experiences. I did not want to mask the truth as that would have just been another story and there would be less learning that way. Also as you read my book you will realise that the people I talk about are real but there Christian names are not revealed as they must be protected throughout my story. The book is quite funny in parts and some chapters are so very sad. The emotions go as low as the abyss and as high as Everest. I compiled and wrote my book whilst travelling and working in countrys such as Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other parts of Europe; but not least England where I was born. The reason I wrote my book was to try and inspire people who may be struggling with this thing called life. We all go through so much in different ways and at times we needlessly take the long and painful routes, but if we decided to study ourselves first and that is far from easy, we could have a better quality of life. Also there are parts of spiritual education which helped to guide me to the path that I needed to take. I would never forgive myself if the book bored the reader as that would be hard to bear. The books I chose to study helped to bring inspiration to me and I so thank the authors for there work as it all helped me to write my book. I also would like to thank my local college in Huyton and the manger and staff who were so supportive to me and showed so much interest in my book. I dedicate my book to my six sons, my daughter and my grandchildren, those people I have met on my adventures, and all of my friends. It is the nature of humans to suffer while learning and developing. When you are set of lessons are learnt, then and only then can you harmonise and enjoy your life. I hope you enjoy my lifes story and I am quite sure that my words can and will reinforce minds that need to feel free from the weights that keep them trapped.

About the Author

I was born in 1943, just after the war i did not feel very secure as a child , and felt very unhappy. within my self, which because nothing had been dealt with. I ended up in mental hospitals, and was given so much shock treatment.
And lots of drugs that the hospital perscribed for me. I am allso the mother of seven children and i am sure the way i was acting must have hurt them.I am ouite sure with the correct help and information like they have these days i may not have gone to such a dark place in my mind .


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